Hi, this is Erwin again.

Being a driver of a motor vehicle has its advantages. You can go anywhere you want without waiting for the bus, the tram, or anybody else.

Yes, even owning a car is a sociological status symbol. The more prestigious the brand, most of the world thinks you’ve made it.

But now there’s a pressing problem from cars that comes from a constantly consumable called gas (or petrol, if you live in a Commonwealth country).

Gas is a definite problem. Why? Because the price of gas has been steadily climbing since the last century and there’s no sign of it stopping.

For proof, take a look at the chart at the bottom of this page. For the US alone, the price of gas on average is now going over $3.53 USD a gallon!

There is a strong and real need to find a solution for our need to transportation. It’s not enough to simply buy a Toyota Prius!

Most people cannot even afford to buy a Prius for one thing! And what about the car you have? Should you just junk it or sell it off?

For most people that would be unacceptable.

I love driving independently, and if there was a way for me to keep on driving while lowering overhead costs even more, in a legal way, why not?

So here I am, writing a blog about cars and finding ways to make your car run better and using as little gas as possible.

I own a Toyota Unser (or Revo, whichever part of the world you come from) and I am using an HHO Booster on my engine.

My Toyota Unser (Revo) Kitted With An HHO Booster

My Toyota Unser (Revo) Kitted With An HHO Booster

As a fellow consumer, gas is one of the biggest repetitive expenses that we pay for every month. I spend about over $110 USD in a month and I aim lose more of it if I can.

So goes my experimentation with HHO.

More to come. Rest assured that HHO does work.

But this blog is not just about HHO anyway.

Stay tuned.



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